Thank you registering your interest in UK Car Bookings

By uploading your documents, you are agreeing to the following conditions

  • Your documents will be checked with relevant agencies, such as TFL, to confirm validity, however, documents will not be passed to any firm outside UK Car Bookings
  • We may require you to provide us a Driving Licence Check code from DVLA to confirm your licence details
  • You will be required to attend our offices with original documents, before undertaking any work with UK Car Bookings
  • You authorise us to share your details with customers, including your picture, only if you accept to provide a service on our behalf. This is to comply with TFL's regulation
  • We will be providing your details to TFL on our weekly data report, as required by TFL
  • You will carry out any work on behalf of UK Car Bookings, in Self-Employed capacity
  • If you decide to terminate your agreement with UK Car Bookings, you can do that at anytime by writing to us via email,
Why work with UK Car Bookings

Enhance your earnings with access to London largest quality customer base Positive feedback and job completion can lead to enhanced payments

Need Help? 24/7 assistance from our expert driver support and control team at HQ Work smarter and get better fares with our cutting edge driver technology

What You’ll Need To Get Started

Basic English
Can you clearly understand the needs of your passenger? Good communication is vital to creating an outstanding experience for our customers.

Drivers Licence
To work with UK Car Bookings we require a full driving license with no points, but remember you will also need the relevant local private hire license as well.

Excellent Service
UK Car Bookings aim to grow through offering above industry standards of service in both standard cars, chauffeur services and its courier division. If you can offer customers a great service, we would love to speak to you.